Updates and History of 1837 Bach Rezoning:


February 16 - Sherry Schwartzbaugh submitted formal request to the City of Kirkwood to have 1837 Bach rezoned from R1 to R2.


March 7 - Planning & Zoning Meeting #1 where the proposal was officially read, a sub-committee was formed to conduct a site review on March 13 @ 8:30 am, and citizens residing in Highland Terrace spoke out against the rezoning.


March 13 - Site review was conducted with the property owners, their lawyer, City Planner Jonathan Raiche, P&Z committee members O'Donnell and Stauder, in addition to the citizen that resides next to the property.


March 21 - The petitioners learned that the sub-committee was going to recommend denial of the rezoning and requested a continuance to April 4 so as to re-submit a changed plan.


April 4 - P&Z meeting cancelled. Petitioners are now requesting a split zoning of the property to approximately 2/3 R1 and 1/3 R2 without a formal subdivision of the two zones. Next meeting scheduled for April 18. Stay tuned.


April 18 - With much disappointment, we must report that the petitioners were warned in advance of the Planning & Zoning Meeting that one of the sub-committee members in favor of approval was going to be absent. City Staff recommended they ask for a continuance despite the fact that 8 of the 9 committee members were present. Last night, the packed house of concerned citizens were not given a chance to speak. The committee voted to grant the continuance to allow for a more "fair" vote to take place. The next meeting is scheduled for May 2 @ 7:00pm.


May 2 - Planning & Zoning committee voted 5-4 in favor of allowing the destruction and developer exploitation of Sugar Creek Valley. Based on stories about the financial hardships that the petitioners have faced over the years, they see it as fair and reasonable to allow the arbitrary and capricious split zoning of the property. While residents voicing opposition and citing legitimate concerns such as the precedent this will set, changing the landscape and character of the area forever, flooding, environmental issues, wildlife, etc. are told these are not relevant in this decision.

YES = Dan Stauder, Allen Klippel, Kathy Oughton, James Diel, Greg Frick

                NO = James O'Donnell, David Eagleton, Cindy Coronado, Laurence Mallinckrodt        


June 21 - Save Sugar Creek Coordinators, dozens of Kirkwood residents, and the law team from Great Rivers Environmental Law Center presented to the Kirkwood City Council on June 21. We appreciate everyone's continued support in the efforts to preserve and protect Sugar Creek Valley. 


JULY 5 - The Kirkwood City Council meeting on July 5 ended in a unanimous vote to deny the rezoning request submitted by the owners of 1837 Bach Ave. in Sugar Creek Valley.    


Save Sugar Creek would like to extend a heartfelt "thank you" to everyone who played a part in preserving this treasured area in Kirkwood – everyone who wrote letters, sent emails, signed the petition, shared the information with friends and family, and reached out to speak with council members and city staff. This could not have been done without you!    The assistance from Great Rivers Environmental Law Center was also instrumental in providing valid, logical legal defenses.    Lastly, and most importantly, we'd like to send our sincere thanks to the Kirkwood City Council and mayor for their careful and thoughtful review of the pros and cons of this rezoning petition and their clear action to protect and preserve our city.    While we are thrilled with the positive outcome, there will always be opportunities to maintain, protect, preserve and improve Sugar Creek Valley and our beloved city. Please email savesugarcreek@gmail.com to be added to our mailing list where we intend to share ideas as they arise.

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