About us

Save Sugar Creek has evolved into a grassroots campaign by concerned Kirkwood residents who wish to protect and preserve the Sugar Creek Valley as a geographically picturesque gem located right in the middle of Kirkwood, Missouri. 



The following request created the launchpad for the group to form:

A re-zoning proposal has been submitted and if approved would change the landscape of Kirkwood. The non-resident owners of a property at Ballas and Bach are seeking to rezone their R1 (acre minimum) property to R2 (25,000 sq. ft.) or potentially R3 (15,000 sq. ft.) in what appears to be an attempt to increase the future sale value to a developer who would likely put multiple homes on the tranquil hillside. Doing so would inevitably open the entire area to similar re-zoning requests due to the large lot sizes.A review of the zoning map makes it clear that there are currently ZERO properties along Ballas and West Adams in the Sugar Creek Valley that are zoned anything other than R1. Allowing an owner to re-zone without regard to the historical significance or beauty this area is known for should be incomprehensible. It would set a precedent that would encourage other properties along West Adams and Ballas to seek the same re-zoning request. Can you imagine a subdivision built on each current lot? Say goodbye to Sugar Creek Valley as we know it.


See petition here: https://tinyurl.com/sugarcreekzoning


Contribute toward yard signs and future legal expenses: http://www.paypal.me/SaveSugarCreek


**  If you would like to be included in future communication regarding this matter, please send an email to savesugarcreek@gmail.com  **

Sugar Creek Valley

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